Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature | Alana Bartol

Photo Credit: "To Dig Holes and Pierce Mountains", Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, 2020 by

"Processes of Remediation: art, relationships, nature" draws on artist and AUArts Sessional Faculty Alana Bartol’s work with dowsing (she comes from a long line of water witches) and the history of dowsing in connection to mining/resource extraction. Specifically, Bartol researched Martine de Bertereau, one of the first (recognized) female mineralogists and mining engineers in 17th century France who traveled Europe in search of mineral deposits utilizing specialized divining instruments and other techniques including botany. Martine de Bertereau was accused of witchcraft and died in France while in prison. The story of de Bertereau is a complex one that points to the violence of resource extraction and the development of capitalism that she both participated in and was killed by.

In her artwork, Bartol uses dowsing to ask audiences to reconsider consumption-driven relationships to the earth and what are known as 'natural resources'.

Saturday, October 9, 2021 to Sunday, January 9, 2022
Dunlop Art Gallery Regina