Rachael Quon

Grade 12, Central Memorial High School | Calgary, Alberta

Creeping Nostalgia

This piece is a diptych of acrylic paint on MDF board that aims to capture my feelings of nostalgia for the past, particularly the simple joys of my childhood. This piece was an exploration in which I attempted new methods of painting, beginning with a solid bright background and allowing the color to shine through from behind. The bright pink, which peaks through the muted tones of the painting, is meant to symbolize my creeping nostalgia, as pink is symbolic of playfulness and joy, emotions I associate with the simple days spent dancing around with my older siblings (the subject of the paintings). The muted greens and blues are symbolic of aging and maturity, as green represents greed and blue represents knowledge, emotions I associate with getting older. Together, the piece is an exploration that pushed both my technical and conceptual capacity to new lengths.