Retail Spotlight Exhibition: Julya Hajnoczky

Julya Hajnoczky is a Calgary based artist with a BA in French from the University of Calgary and a BDes in photography from the Alberta University of the Arts. Her multidisciplinary practice includes digital and analog photography, fiber art, and book and paper sculpture, and seeks to question the complex relationship between humans and the natural world.

Artist Statement: When I’m out among the trees, my nose full of the smell of pines, leaves, creeks; these are the tiny places that my mind conjures up – the miniature, simple, unobtrusive, homes that I imagine into being, wishing I could stay there forever. All of the forests and wild places that I visit have some interesting little odds and ends to offer up to me: a gnarled piece of driftwood, a perfectly shaped pinecone, an especially pretty twig. I gather up these things, bring them home, and build these little imaginary cabins on their foundation, a reminder, an affirmation, that among the trees is where I am truly home - a home that is a sanctuary, an escape, a refuge.

Each piece is built on a found object (driftwood, branch, etc.), out of hand cut maple, cedar or elm veneer, paper and bits of thread. Some have legs of copper or aluminum to help them stand. They are named after the places the foundation was found.

See the work of Julya Hajnoczky at the Alberta Craft Gallery - Calgary in cSPACE King Edward.

Items from this SPOTLIGHT exhibit are available to purchase in the Alberta Craft Gallery online store.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 to Saturday, March 6, 2021
Alberta Craft Gallery - Calgary in cSPACE King Edward