Rita McKeough | darkness is as deep as the darkness is

Nationally recognized for her complex installation-based works integrating electronic media, sculpture, sound, and performance, darkness is as deep as the darkness is by Calgary-based artist Rita McKeough is an invitation into an imagined subterranean just below the ground’s surface. Space where darkness connotes a richness of lived entanglements between beings above and below the soil, the work also references contested sites of urban development and extraction that penetrate into the burrows, roots, and remains of animals and plants.

Assembling hundreds of sculptural elements, the work is characteristic of McKeough’s employment of what she terms ‘performing objects’; denoting the narrative roles she ascribes to each of the electronically-animated components within an installation. While in recent works these objects have often been the sole ‘performers’, in an exuberant layering of the mediated, the corporeal, the invented, and the real, darkness is as deep as the darkness is will also feature periodic live performances by the artist.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020 to Saturday, December 12, 2020
Banff Centre Walter Phillips Gallery