Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess: Ephemeral Romances: Love & Attachment

This exhibition is part of the 2020 Rise Emerging Artist Program. 

  • Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 30
  • Exhibition: Saturday, Oct. 31 – Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020
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From Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess
Love and attachment are two related dichotomies relevant to the human condition in how we view relationships towards others and ephemeral things of the like. Attachment symbolizes confinement, possessiveness and selfishness, - ingredients for unhealthy relationships towards the ephemeral. Love expresses joy, freedom and acceptance. Through these figurative sculptural forms of rusted steel and painted clay I am interested in acknowledging our expanding and contracting consciousness’ towards the ephemeral, identifying the fears so deeply rooted in these attachments that we feel an unhealthy obligation to “hold onto” them. The rusted aged chains represent the unhealthy attachments we're bind to, which we may be conscious of or that are so deeply rooted in our subconscious, making the reason for our anxiety and fears unconscious to our conscious selves. The fragmented ceramic human forms painted in semi contrasting tones of either sides depict these unconscious attachments coming to the surface, the point of acknowledgment. Fear of losing control (attachment) of the ephemeral creates chaos in the body mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically creating a state of imbalance. Recognizing and accepting these unhealthy habits by getting to the root of the issue starts the process of enlightenment to our spiritual bodies allowing us to expand in consciousness and bring healing to our physical ephemeral selves. Consciousness shifts in all individuals from high to low which is represented though the varying heights of the sculptures showing the different levels or stages of growth. Exploring the vulnerable self through viewing the relationship between love and attachment identifies the ego-self holding on to the thoughts that do not serve you, starting the healing process in our self-regenerating bodies. These sculptures symbolize the beginning process of cutting the cords of attachment that do not serve you, bringing the mind and body to an illuminated state of enlightenment through healing."


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Saturday, October 31, 2020 to Sunday, December 13, 2020
The Hub Gallery, artsPlace, Canmore, Alberta