Soft Machine | Carissa Baktay

A Study-exhibition with new, experimental work by AUArts Alum Carissa Baktay.

The process itself and the time-consuming work with the material is of great importance to Baktay. The complex process of cleaning, cutting and weaving the horse hair is part of the understanding of the finished work and a number of these forms are included in the exhibition.

Since 2017, Baktay has been experimenting with braiding thin glass strings with the use of a kiln and hand torch. Stringers are pulled from the furnace and then subsequently formed in a kiln. They are then suspended from a hook after which they are torched and manipulated by hand.

"Soft Machine" presents process-based glass work forms, one of the museum’s Study exhibitions. The Study is an exhibition concept designed to give glass artists the opportunity to show projects of an experimental and innovative nature.

Carissa Baktay currently lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland. She started working with glass in 2008 and constantly explores new ways of expressing herself and often combines glass with other materials. Since moving to Iceland, she has worked on a series of braided forms in horse hair.

Thursday, July 1, 2021 to Sunday, November 14, 2021