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Business and the arts make a natural team, with each benefiting from the strengths of the other.

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Whether it’s by helping individual students, lending a hand with new initiatives, or providing support where it’s needed most, superheroes like you shape the future of AUArts.

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Why partner with AUArts?

Corporate partners make it possible for emerging artists to produce work that reaches deeper into the community, inspires discussion, and fosters creativity to a larger extent than ever before.

In turn, the groundbreaking thinking that drives artistic creation fuels new perspectives, big ideas, and inventive ways to connect to the world around us, invigorating both our businesses and our communities. It’s what helps a great city become even greater.

What corporate sponsorship programs does AUArts offer?

We have some great sponsorship programs in place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream up something even better together. Contact us to develop a special program for your specific interests and needs. We’re creative like that.

Community Partnerships

Another great way for corporations to support AUArts is through community partnerships. These partnerships can take the form of providing special discounts and offers to the AUArts community, donations of products, services or facilities, or other possibilities you can dream up. Contact us to discuss how your organization can become a strategic partner, or to receive information on how to make a donation, or gift in kind.

Student & Alumni Opportunities

Fairly-compensated student opportunities are a fantastic way to support an emerging artist or designer while benefiting from the fresh ideas, enthusiasm and skills of our students.  Student postings can be made through our Student's Association via their website. Our talented alumni are always looking for opportunities to develop their careers and contribute to our cultural capital, locally and beyond. In an effort to support all local creatives, opportunities can be posted via the Calgary Arts Development classifieds

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