Contribute to the Student Awards Program

The AUArts Student Awards Program makes it easy to directly support our emerging artists and designers, allowing our students to focus on what matters most, their education and creative passion!

How can I give?

You can donate online today, and give any amount to directly support students through the General Scholarship fund.

Additional online fundraising award opportunities, are featured at the bottom of the page under "more information".  If you have any questions or require assistance please phone us at 403.284.6238 or connect by email.

AUArts is not accepting gifts-in-kind at this time. 

Create an award

If your gift is greater than $500, you can choose to create an award and/or a multi-year award, established in the name of your choice, and awarded according to the criteria you specify, assisted by AUArts. Funds will be withdrawn annually and awarded over a selected number of years.

If you're interested in creating an award please phone us at 403.284.6238 or email today.

Endowment funds

Endowment funds are gifts that truly keep giving! If you wish to donate $25,000 or greater, AUArts will set up an endowment fund in the name of your choosing, and your fund will exist in perpetuity, as the principle is never touched. Awards are granted from the interest earned from your investment.

If you're interested in establishing an endowment please phone us at 403.284.6238 or email today.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No problem. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.