Exchange and Study Abroad Program

AUArts' Exchange and Study Abroad Program program supports student travel programs at AUArts. This program provides international, real-world experience, opportunities to make new connections, and build resiliency and confidence.

How to get involved?

You are able to donate online 

Why support this project?

Together, education and travel create a holistic learning experience, immersing students in new cultures, inspiring their craft, and deepening their understanding of themselves and their developing practices.

However, most longstanding funding activities are coordinated by students themselves. And while relationships have been built around the world by faculty, students, and staff to ensure apprenticeship and course work opportunities are available, a lack of resources limits participation to the few.

By supporting the Mobility & Exchange program, your contribution will provide more opportunities for students to travel, enabling them to practice their skills in new environments and fostering new ways of thinking and making.

Students who return from exchange are always a bit different when they come back, a little more at ease in their work. The process gives students confidence and it shows in their choices and in their work. – Natali Rodrigues, AUArts Faculty

How it works

AUArts has an established partnership with several post-secondary arts institutions across North America, Europe, and Australia where students can study for a semester or two.

There are also informal programs to support student travel to conferences and workshops, field activities, and to participate in exhibitions and artist residencies.

Project goals

The goals of the Exchange and Study Abroad Program are as follows

  • To provide more opportunities for students to travel and study internationally as part of their AUArts education
  • To ensure relationships between AUArts and international institutions continue to be established and nurtured
  • To increase awareness of AUArts internationally, showcase AUArts students as world-class practitioners of art and design, and forge reciprocating relationships around the world.

If you have any questions or require assistance please phone us at 403.284.6238 or connect by email.