Visiting artist program

The Visiting Artist Program brings accomplished artists and designers to AUArts to share their knowledge, experience, and practice. This amazing opportunity for learning and mentorship creates international connections and provides a constant source of inspiration and professional development for students, faculty, and staff.

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Why support this project?

To be successful, AUArts students need more than the skills of their respective crafts. They also need to learn transferrable skills like creative and critical thinking, problem solving, and resiliency – skills that are greatly enhanced through visiting artist's lectures, workshops, and mentoring.

By supporting the visiting artist program, you provide students, alumni, and faculty access to renowned artists and designers from Alberta, Canada, the United States, and around the world. The program encourages the exchange of ideas, techniques, creative problem solving, and approaches to leading a creative life, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere for growth and development.

How it works

Visiting artists such as Japanese glass artist Jin Hongo, Spanish artist Andrés Galeano, and filmmaker Louise Bourque spent time at AUArts sharing their expertise, conducting demonstrations and spending hands-on time with students.

Having access to these accomplished and world-renowned artists who can demonstrate different practices they have developed and incorporated into their work opens up a world of possibilities for students graduating from art, craft and design education.

Project goals

  • Continue to grow and develop the program by bringing an increasing number of world-class artists and designers to AUArts
  • Communicate events to AUArts community and the general public to ensure strong attendance
  • Capture presentations and workshops for our growing Visiting Artist media library, podcasts, and social media promotions

If you have any questions or require assistance please phone us at 403.284.6238 or connect by email.