Thea Galang

Grade 10, Bishop O'Byrne High School | Calgary, Alberta

Self Reflections

This sculpture has made me experiment and push the boundaries of how I looked at myself and my art. Diving into my emotional side, I tried to portray my emotions and how I often looked at the world. These faces are me, but at the same time, they’re not. It’s a mere reflection of how I feel, but those feelings don’t always last. They dwell within me, and more often than not, most of my actions inspire my emotions to make me act impulsively. It might be a good thing, but how I feel about several situations can abruptly change and increase to extremes, to the point where I can no longer control how I feel. All of the bright, bold colors smothered on this sculpture reflect the juxtaposition of emotions that cloud my judgement and heart. I’ve had a love/hate relationship while creating this piece, but seeing it completed after accomplishing the long, tedious process was a sight to see. Both this piece and “Joshua” hold places in my heart, and it’s an honor to share these pieces.

View the piece in motion here.