Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding international students applications.

What are the academic requirements for international students who want to enroll in AUArts’ Bachelors degree programs?

To attend a Bachelors degree program at AUArts, you must have the equivalent of an Alberta high school diploma, with a minimum average grade of 60% (or equivalent) in your final year of studies.

If you attended high school in a language other than English you’ll also need to meet our English language proficiency requirements for undergraduate students.

How do I provide official transcripts?

Contact your appropriate educational agency to request your transcripts be sent to AUArts before February 1. If you’re still attending high school, you’ll need to send us in-progress transcripts. Please remember, all official transcripts must be translated and notarized if not in English.

How can I receive transfer credit?

International transfer applicants seeking credit from international post-secondary institutions must have applied to the university before their transcripts are assessed. Transcripts must be accompanied by course descriptions before transfer credit can be assessed or granted.  

Does AUArts accept U.S. student loans?

AUArts no longer accepts student loans from the Title IV Federal Student Aid Program (FAFSA). We recommended international students with citizenship in the United States consider Sallie Mae for loan opportunities.

Will I receive health and dental benefits?

Yes. International students at AUArts are eligible for government health care, medical prescription coverage and dental benefits. Learn more about your student health and dental benefits.

Can I work while studying at AUArts?

Yes. Full-time students who have valid study permits are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during regular classes, and full-time during spring, winter, and summer breaks. Find out more about working as an international student while at AUArts.

After graduation, can I stay in Canada?

Yes. You can apply for a post-graduation work permit to stay and work in Canada, and if you want to immigrate to Canada after graduation, the process is simplified.

What is the legal age to be an adult in Alberta?

18 is the legal age of majority in Alberta. This means international students may travel to and live in Alberta without a parent or guardian. The legal age of majority varies throughout Canada by province and territory.