Print Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Print Media

Students of Print Media explore the rich traditions of printmaking, experiment with historical and contemporary processes, and devise new and innovative forms of expression within the medium.

Studio facilities

  • Water-based silkscreen studio with a large vacuum exposure unit
  • Intaglio studio space with three etching presses, a large-format electric press, ferric chloride etching baths, and ventilated solvent room
  • Relief space with etching press, hydraulic press, and range of brayers and rollers
  • Fully-stocked lithography studio with range of stones, lithography plates, four presses (including a table-top press, and an electric press), vacuum exposure unit, and variety of rollers
  • Print-media dedicated darkroom with a Nuarc flip-top exposure unit and plate developing sink
  • Print resource room with access to decades of student, faculty, and visiting artist prints
  • Dedicated studios for third and fourth year students

Access to Room 104, 107 + 377*
Seven days a week | 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

*Buddy system encouraged after 6 p.m.

Access to Room 392 (Print Resource Room)*
Monday through Friday | 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

*Training required
*Students are expected to start cleaning up at 12:15 a.m.

Educational Art Technician

Megan Kirk - 403.338.5542


AUArts’ Print Media faculty are a diverse and exciting group of professional artists, each with a rich personal practice and a wide range of experience exhibiting work and creating research in their field.

Permanent faculty

Sessional instructors


Print Media alumni become successful practicing artists, graduate students, freelance designers, illustrators, teachers, and small business owners.


"Our print department instructors are all working specifically in printmaking as their primary artistic output, and their real-world knowledge has been influential in shaping how I contextualize my work in the broader printmaking community. Their mentorship has been invaluable regarding the production of my prints, but even more so in preparing me for life as a printmaker after graduation." - Scott Baird, 3rd year Print Media major


"Print is a medium that is based in drawing which is my forte, and print gives my work a refined, finished quality. Everything printed seems so intentional and I love that in printmaking the technical aspect is highly important along with concept. But the best part of print is the comradery of printmakers. Everyone is so supportive! - Ken Li, Print Media major


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