Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

Assistant Professor, Visual Communications

“I believe in purposeful play combined with rigorous craft and a sense of constant experimentation. Everyone has the potential for great creativity if they are inspired and passionate about what they are doing. My job as a teacher/mentor of visual narrative is to unlock that intense interest in every student I engage with.”


Kevin is very dedicated to both facets of his animation career, as a conscientious teacher and mentor, and as a professional independent animator. Both of these facets feed each other, with his professional practice providing experiences and resources to share, and teaching exposing him to fresh ideas and approaches.  Kevin is proud to see his students achieve success in their careers over the years, securing positions at Pixar, Blue Sky, Reel FX, ILM and Weta Digital, and as resourceful independent animators and motion graphics artists.

In his professional experience as an animator, Kevin has been creating independent projects for over 20 years at his own studio, Fifteen Pound Pink Productions.  His work has been screened locally, nationally, and internationally, in venues from gallery installations to film festivals.  A 35mm print of his film Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning was selected for inclusion in the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa in 2007, and the Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal in 2009.  He is currently working with the National Film Board of Canada North West Centre on Skin for Skin, a 15 minute Canadian animated myth set in 1823 during the height of the fur trade. 


MFA equivalent Animation, Self-directed Study.

Diploma VCD, Alberta College of Art.

Selected Professional Activity


Skin for Skin, 15:00 minute 2D/3D hybrid animation, National Film Board of Canada, in production.

Business as Usual, 4:00 minute digital cut-out animation, 2010.

Intergalactic Who’s Who, 8 episode animated intersticial series, 2009.

Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning, 17:00 minute digital cel animation, 2004.


Story Orgy: sequential narrative workshop, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2014.

Story Masterclass, 10 week visual narrative course, Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary, Alberta, 2014.

Story as Art: strategies for storytelling and character design, Animasivo Animation Forum, Mexico City, Mexico, 2010.

Harry Smith Retrospective, curatorial presentation, Fantoche International Animation Festival, Baden Switzerland, 2005, and Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, 2002.

Selected Publications

Kurytnik, Kevin D.A. “Have you been creative today? Harry Smith appreciation.” Fantoche International Animation Festival Catalogue. Baden, 2005. 149-153. Print.

Kurytnik, Kevin D.A. “Hold still while I nail a bat to your head or Who the hell was Harry Smith and why can’t I get him out of my skull?” Ottawa International Animation Festival Reader. Ottawa, 2002. 42-45. Print.

Turner, Malcolm. “Quickdraw Animation Society: 30th Anniversary Retrospective.” Melbourne International Animation Festival Catalogue. Melbourne, 2014. 74-79, 95-97. Print. web link

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Krasner, Jon. Motion Graphic Design & Fine Art Animation: principles and practice. Burlington: Focal Press, 2004. 49-50, 93, 144, 147. Print.

Selected Awards

Pre-Development Grant for Feature Film, Punk Rogers in the Far Flung Future, Alberta Media Fund, 2014.

Alberta Creative Development Initiative GrantIntergalactic Who’s Who, Canada Council for the Arts, 2007.

Bronze Award, Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning, Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, USA, 2005.

Film Production Grant, Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning, Canada Council for the Arts, 1998.

Silver Hugo Award, TREES!, Intercom ‘95, Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 1995.