Acronym Guide

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Acronym/Abbreviation Meaning
2FA 2 Factor Authentication
AACTI Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes
AACTI-IMC AACTI Innovation Management Committee
AAHEIT Alberta Association in Higher Education for Information Technology
AB Alberta
ACAD Alberta College of Art and Design
ACAT Alberta Council of Admissions and Transfer
AD Active Directory
AE Alberta Education
AED Automated External Defibrillator
AGLC Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission
AHS Alberta Health Services
AICAD Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design
AIT Apprenticeship & Industry Training 
ALIS Alberta Learning Information Service 
APAGA Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act
APAGP Alberta Public Agencies Governance Policy
APAS Alberta Post-Secondary Application System
APC Academic Policy Committee
APOC Academic Planning and Oversight Committee
ApplyAlberta Online application and transcript transfer system owned and maintained by APAS
ARDN Alberta Rural Development Network
ASI Application Submission Initiative (IEA)
ASN Alberta Student Number
ATIF AUArts Technology Initiative Form
ATOMS Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupation Management System 
AUArts Alberta University of the Arts
AUPE Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
AV Audio Visual
AVP Associate Vice President
BASI Baccalaureate and Applied Studies Institution
BC British Columbia
BCP Business Continuity Plan
BDES Bachelor of Design Studies
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BoG Board of Governors
BVC Bow Valley College
CAA Computer Accounts Administrator
CAB Change Advisory Board
CAN Canada
CAQC Campus Alberta Quality Council 
CARI Comprehensive Academic and Research Institution
CASDC Campus Alberta Strategic Directions Committee 
CASF COVID-19 Access Screening Form
CAUBO Canadian Association of University Business Officers
CC Curriculum Committee
CCI Comprehensive Community Institution
CCST Critical and Creative Studies
CCTV Closed circuit television
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFD Calgary Fire Department
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CMT Crisis Management Team
COC Campus Operations Coordinator
ConEd Continuing Education
COPPOA Council of Post Secondary Presidents of Alberta
COWCUBS Council of Western Canadian University Board Secretaries
COWFLOP Council of Western Canadian Financial, Logistical and Operational Personnel
CPD Calgary Policy Service
CRMC Ceramics
CSM Client Service Manager
CTS Computing and Technical Services
CUBA Canadian University Boards Association
DB Database
DCaR Data Collection and Reporting 
DCO Director Campus Operations
DL Distribution List
DOAP Downtown Outreach Addiction Partnership
Dr. Doctor
DRWG Drawing
EA Executive Assistant
EAT Education Art Technician
EDI Equity Diversity and Inclusion
ELIA European League of Institutes of the Arts
EM Emergency Management
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENGL English
ERP Emergency Response Plan
ES Enterprise Solutions
FA Faculty Association
FBRE Fibre
FINA Fine Arts
FLE Full Load Equivalent
FM Facility Maintenance
FOIP Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GAL Global Address List
GFC General Faculties Council
GLSS Glass
GOA Government of Alberta
GoD Guard on Duty
GPRC Grande Prairie Regional College
H & S Health and Safety 
HD Honorary Degree
HR Human Resources
IAE Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education
IAI Independent Academic Institution
IKG Illingworth Kerr Gallery
IR Incident Report
ITSC IT Steering Committee
JWHSC Joint Workplace Health & Safety Committee
JWLM Jewlery and Metals
LC Legislative Compliance
LERS Learner Enrolment Reporting Systems
LFR Little Rubber Feet
M365 Microsoft 365
MADT Media Arts
MB Manitoba
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MHC Medicine Hat College
Mr. Mister
Mrs. Missus
MRU Mount Royal University
Ms. Miss
NAIT Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
NAPAHE National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education
NASAD National Association of Schools of Art and Design
NB New Brunswick
NL Newfoundland and Labrador
NLC Northern Lakes College
NQC NorQuest College
NS Nova Scotia
NSCAD NSCAD University
NT North West Territories
NU Nunavut
O365 Office 365
OBDF Object Design
OCADU OCAD University
OHSA Occupational Health and Safety Act
ON Ontario
OPS Grant Operating and Program Support Grant
P + P Policies and Procedures
PAPRS Provider and Program Registry System 
PASI Provincial Approach to Student Information (AE)
PCard Procurement Card
PCI Payment Card Industry
PE Prince Edward Island
PESC Post-Secondary Electronic Standards Council
PHTG Photography
PM Preventive Maintenance
PNTG Painting
PPE Personal Protection Equipment
PPRL Professional and Practice-Related Learning
PRNT Print Media
Proxy Mediating service between ApplyAlberta and institution systems (APAS)
PSI Post-Secondary Institutions
PSIS Postsecondary Student Information System
PSLA Post Secondary Learning Act
PT Polytechnical Institution
PVT Private Vocational Training Institution
QC Quebec
RABCCA Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Act
RACI Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
RC Research Committee
RDC Red Deer College 
RFC Request for change
RFI Request for Information 
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quote
RMT Recovery Management Team
RPA Red Panel Alarm
RRP Request for Proposal
S/G Security Guard
SA Students' Association
SA Studio Assistant
SAC Student Affairs Committee
SACI Specialized Arts and Culture Institution
SAIT Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
SC Steering Committee
SCCS School of Critical and Creative Studies
SCD School of Communication Design
SCEM School of Craft + Emerging Media
SCLP Sculpture
SDS Safety Data Sheet
SFS Student Finances Systeme 
SHR Stakeholder Registry 
SIAMS Secure Identity and Access Management Systems 
SIS/ERP Student Information System/Enterprise Resource Planning
SK Saskatchewan
SMU St. Mary's University
SOP Standard Operation Procedure/Process
SOP Safe Operating Practice
SOSC Social Science
SSA Student Studio Assistant
SSPR Self-Service Password Reset
SVA School of Visual Arts
SWO SAIT Work Order
TA Teachers Assistant
TD Toronto Dominion (Bank)
TLA Three Letter Acronyms
Toolkit Interim solution for institutions without integrated transcript requesting and fulfilling capabilities (APAS)
ToR Terms of Reference
TransferAlberta Service providing information on learner pathways, including the online Transfer Guide 
U of A University of Alberta
U of C University of Calgary
U of L University of Lethbridge
VCD Visual Communications Design
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VFS Vancouver Film School
VM Virtual Machine
VP Vice President
VPN Virtual Private Network
WCB Workers Compensation Board
WHIMS Workplace Hazardous Material Information System
WHO World Health Organization
WIEL Work Integrated Experiential Learning
WIIFM What's in it for me?
WIL Work-Integrated Learning
YT Yukon