Christine Somer

Sessional Instructor, Liberal Studies

“That doesn't happen, except in Disney movies and Kinkade paintings.”

I am fascinated by the eccentricities and contradictions of human behavior. My curiosity compels me  to look for the connections between the things that people make, the reasons why they make them, and the meanings these hold for us. I look for symbols and subjects, styles and stories and connect those to the events and questions of artist and audience. It tells me what is important to them, and suggests why.

Art speaks to the complexity and perplexity of experience. Art history enables us to develop an understanding of where we have come from, and how we have come to arrive at this place. It gives us insight into the complexities of human behavior and the myriad ways that human minds have attempted to negotiate their place in the world we create. All of this, true and meaningful and useful.

But there are also brilliant things to learn about, simply because they are brilliant. Amazing objects that dazzle the eyes or engage the intellect. Ideas that provoke and question and challenge. These are things worth knowing, no matter when or where they were made.


MLIS, Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta

MA, Art History, University of Alberta

BA Honors, Art History, University of Western Ontario