Meet our instructors

Continuing Ed instructors are practicing artists, fine craftspeople, and designers who are keenly interested in helping you connect with your creativity.

JACKIE BAGLEY is an Award Winning Designer who works in Film and Televiison productions as Art Director, Assistant Art Director and Graphic Designer. She holds awards in Graphic Design and Film Design including an Art Film that was shown at the MOMA in NY. Her film and television credits include productions by Stephen Spielberg, Warner Bros, Disney, Brad Pitt (Plan B Entertainment), MGM Studios, FX, MTV, Discovery Channel, Ridley Scott, Warren Littlefield (NBC), and the Cohen Brothers. Jackie teaches Graphic Design (School of Communication Design) and Figurative Sculpture (Continuing Education) at AUArts, Alberta University of the Arts. Her work includes Video Documentary, Figurative and Conceptual Sculpture and large-scale conceptual Photographic work. Her work has been exhibited in New York with collections as far as the UK. Her work can be seen at

BRIAN BATISTA is a Calgary based artist and animator and a man of many skills and talents. He graduated with a BFA with distinction from Alberta University of the Arts, was the recipient of a Board of Governors award, and was the 2001 graduating class Valedictorian. He co-founded the Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF). He teaches animation at the Quickdraw Animation Society and has worked in the media arts at artist run centres since 1999. He loves rubber hose arms and pre-code animation characters. His work can be seen at Learn more about Brian and his approach to teaching on our YouTube channel.

AXEL BERNAL BLADH was born in Mexico City. An earthquake forced his family to re-locate to Taxco, a small mountain town famous for its silversmithing production. It is in Taxco, that he learned traditional Mexican jewelry techniques in an art school that had its own alligator pit!  Axel is an artist and designer working in Jewelry, Glass, Sculpture and Illustration. His mixed cultural background has exposed him to a series of almost surreal experiences that continue to fuel his imagination and permeate his works. He combines different materials and techniques to create narrative, dreamlike pieces. He describes them as still images from half remembered dreams, and postcards from still unknown fairy tales. Axel has a B.A. is in Industrial Design from UNAM, Mexico's National University, where he graduated with honours.  His work has been seen in exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Colombia and the Netherlands, and  published in Mexico and the United Kingdom.

KELLY COVERT is an artist/arts educator living and working in Calgary, Alberta. She is a graduate of AUArts, majoring in painting. Currently she is found working full time as an educator in the Calgary School System. Covert’s artistic practice focuses on simplified illustrations of quirky characters. Her imagery is that of hand drawn digital illustrations and each piece is a unique journey of expression, using colour, and line. 

JOAN IRVIN is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, writer, and curator. Her jewellery and small-scale mixed media works have been exhibited nationally, in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Originally trained as a ceramist, Joan obtained a BFA in Visual Arts from The University of Calgary, and subsequently completed The Banff Centre's Advanced Studio Program. After working as a ceramic artist, technician and supervisor of Calgary's Wildflower Arts Centre, Joan registered in the Jewellery + Metals program at Alberta University of the Arts in 1999, winning numerous awards and graduating with distinction. She further developed her metalworking skills through study at the Penland School of Crafts, working with a goldsmith, and an AFA Art Production Grant. An active arts advocate, Joan was awarded the Alberta Craft Council's 2009 Award of Honour. Examples of Joan's work can be found in Dona Meilach's book, Teapots: Makers & Collectors. Learn more about Joan's approach to teaching on our YouTube channel.

EVELINE KOLIJIN is a Calgary-based printmedia and multidisciplinary artist. She experienced an international childhood and received a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. She graduated from Alberta University of the Arts with a BFA in print media in 2008 and was the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic medal. She has been a long-time board member of the Alberta Printmakers’ Society and is a founding board member of the THIS IS MY CITY Art Society. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in Ireland, China and Sydney, Australia. In the summer of 2012 she participated in the Emma International Collaboration in Ness Creek, Saskatchewan. In September 2012, she travelled on a Connecting Calgary 2012 grant to Alkmaar, The Netherlands, for a printmaking residency and solo-exhibition. She designed the 2012/13 Park Banners for the City of Calgary, which are based on her lino-cuts. She is currently an Extended Studies instructor at Alberta University of the Arts and a teacher for the Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through The Arts program.

KASIA KORALEWSKA was born in Poland and graduated with a Masters Degree in 2009. She majored in printing on textiles and video art at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. During a one-year exchange student program Kasia explored mixed media, drawing, installation and printing on textiles at Alberta University of the Arts. She moved to Canada in 2009 where she now lives. Her artistic practice involves creating large-scale textile pieces, drawings and video installations. Her art has been shown in galleries in Berlin, Germany, Warsaw and Lodz, Poland, Klatowy in the Czech Republic, and in Calgary. Learn more about Kasia's approach to teaching on our YouTube channel

MELANIE T. LONG is a second generation Calgarian. She holds a Bachelor of Art from Alberta University of the Arts, majoring in glass, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, majoring in Secondary Arts Education. Ms Long has studied glass worldwide including Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, Chrysler Museum of Glass, and the Australian National University. Long has taught painting and drawing classes at numerous institutions and locations including the Calgary Board of Education, Montserrat in the West Indies, and the Guna Yala region located in the San Blas Archipelago. She has exhibited her work throughout North America. Often combining multiple mediums, Long explores the psychology and physiology of anthropomorphism. Examples of her work can be seen at

LORI LUKASEWICH received her art education at AUArts, and has applied her art and painting skills in the areas of graphic art, visual presentation, film and television properties, jewellery design, furniture design, decorative and faux painting, and paleontological restoration. She has exhibited throughout Alberta and her work can be found in many public, private and corporate collections. In 2001, Stoddart Kids published "The Night Fire", a children's book written and illustrated by Lori. Deeply involved in fine oil painting, Lori also has a passion for teaching visual arts. Learn more Lori's work and her approach to teaching on our YouTube channel.

MALCOLM MOONEY is an artist, poet, singer and lyricist, and one of the most celebrated figures in contemporary music circles. He was the original vocalist with the seminal 1960s/1970s German rock band CAN. Mooney’s recordings with Can remain among the most influential of the past forty years. Mooney appears on seven CAN albums including ‘Monster Movie’ (1969) and ‘Soundtracks’ (1970). He left the band in 1970, returning to the United States to focus on his own artistic development. In 1986 Mooney rejoined CAN to record the reunion album ‘Rite Time.’ Since then Mooney has continued to make art, write, and work on musical projects including 1998’s ‘Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet’ that released a self-titled album that year, ‘Mogadishu’ in 2005, ‘Hysterica’ in 2006 and ‘inCANtations’ in 2011. White Columns Gallery released WC006, with poems and music at the NY Art Book Fair at PS1 in 2012. Mooney performed with White Columns curator, and DJ, Matthew Higgs at Art Basel Miami in 2013. Most recently Mooney recorded an album and produced a book for Pavees Dance, a new group that appeared in February 2014 at The Sons D’Hiver festival in Paris. Malcolm Mooney has performed and exhibited his artwork extensively over the past thirty years, most recently at White Columns Gallery in NYC and at Skyline College Art Gallery in San Bruno California. Malcolm Mooney received an MFA from California State University in 1987, and a BFA from Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in 1979. Learn more about Malcolm and his approach to teaching on our YouTube channel

FAITH PERRAT is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Calgary. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with distinction from Alberta University of the Arts in 2011 and her Bachelors of Education in 2018. She has a deep passion for learning that drives both her art and teaching career. Her artwork uses humour to explore how meaning and value are constructed.

GOLRIZ REZVANI is originally from Iran and currently lives and works in Calgary. Inspired by poetry, photography, and film, her vibrantly coloured figurative works offer critiques of contemporary culture and society. Golriz is drawn to constructing narrative images and subject matter in her paintings and drawings, where humans play the leading roles. She received her MFA and her BFA from Tehran University. She has exhibited extensively in both Canada and Iran. Visit Golriz's website at Learn more about Golriz's approach to teaching on our YouTube channel.

BRITA THOMAS is a Calgary based artist and designer. She received a BFA with Distinction in Printmaking from Alberta University of the Arts in 2003. Her love affair with paper has led her to explore print media, paper cutting, and drawing within her work. Brita has also worked in curatorial studies and arts administration, most recently as the Associate Director of the Herringer Kiss Gallery. She is currently the Creative Director of Canmore's, Highline Magazine.

MARK VAZQUEZ-MACKAY graduated with a BFA Degree in Painting from AUArts in 2002--before moving to San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) in search of a different culture and history. After completing his MFA Degree at the Instituto Allende, Mark returned to Calgary in 2004 to continue painting and drawing in his own studio. His work focuses on an observational transliteration of appearances; see Learn more about Mark and his approach to teaching drawing on our YouTube channel or painting.

RYAN VON HAGEN  is an Animator, Editor, Filmmaker, Sound Designer and Musician living in Calgary, Alberta. Ryan received a BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design through the Media Arts and Digital Technology department in 2012. Since then, he has worked on feature length documentaries, AFA funded short animated films, theatre productions as well as at his own artwork displayed in fine art exhibitions. Ryan has a wide technical background in the world of animation; he is proficient in stop motion animation, hand drawn animation, cutout animation, rotoscope animation, and animated green screen techniques. Ryan has been teaching animation with Quickdraw for the past three years, where he also works as the Programming Director.

NATHANIEL WAGENAAR received his BFA in New Media from the University of Lethbridge, and his Master’s of Architecture from the University of Calgary. His combination of technical and artistic interests has led to a diverse work history, ranging from working on XBOX 360 games with Relic Entertainment, to working at the Canadian Space Agency. He currently works at the award winning Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative in Calgary as an Intern Architect. Nathaniel’s current interests lie with conceptually driven architecture, and how this can be informed by diagrammatic representations of external forces. He believes that if you can design one thing extremely well, you can design everything. Learn more Nathaniel and his approach to teaching on our YouTube channel.

STACEY WATSON studied at the University of Calgary in Photography and Printmaking. Her MFA program also involved training at the Royal College of Art in London. Since finishing her formal education in 2004 she has exhibited internationally, including at Art Basel Miami in 2007 and locally, including at The Art Gallery of Calgary in 2009. Her practice spans photography, video, assemblage and painting, along with heavy doses of papier mache. She has taught at Havering College, England and the University of Lethbridge. She is currently the Curator at Pith Gallery, Calgary.

SANDY WONG’s passion for design and typography began at a very early age and has never faltered. With over 20 years of industry experience, Sandy has produced an array of marketing collateral for a variety of industries ranging from residential and resort real estate to public sports facilities to retail packaging. From hand drawn type to the creation of full bodied marketing campaigns, her work in art direction and graphic design have been recognized throughout Canada and the United States. Graduating from Durham College’s Graphic Design program, with stops at Alberta University of the Arts and Ryerson University along the way, Sandy continues to explore new mediums of creative expression through glass blowing and painting. View Sandy’s work at

KRISTI WOO is the founder and designer for Riyoko; thoughtfully designed, comfortable, conscious and chic urban travel clothing and accessories. Kristi believes in ethical fashion, a lower carbon footprint, and lower consumption footprint. She sources, designs, pattern makes, and sews each style herself, and then locally produces the garments with various small teams of sewers. In her work, she combines traditional pattern techniques with innovative fabrics and modern technical details. Kristi is also a co-founder of Assemble Work/Shop, a local designer studio, workspace, and shop at cSpace. Assemble is founded on the principal of self sustainability and slow fashion. It aims to provide the founding designers a platform to continue their creative practices and bring together community through workshops and events. Kristi studied fibre arts at AUArts from 1995 to 1997 and graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a BAA in Fashion in 2001. Amongst other publications, Kristi's designs and entrepreneurial skills have been recognized in Bicycling Magazine (2013 to 2016), Momentum Magazine (2011 to 2016), Where Magazine (2013), Martha Stewart's Whole Living (2011). Learn more about Kristi by visiting her website at

WILLIAM YEE came to Canada from Hong Kong in 1975 to seek freedom and inspiration in the arts. After a year of study in The Fine Art Faculty at the University of Lethbridge, William came to Calgary in 1977 to join the first group of students to enter AUArts's Photography Major program. Since then, he has been involved in various commercial photography businesses, including set up of the first independent 1 Hour Photo Lab in Calgary in 1985. In his 30+ years as a professional photographer, though working in many fields of commercial photography, William's passion remains editorial photography. He believes a photo should lead viewers to think and imagine what the story is behind the image, and that there should always be a deeper meaning in a photograph besides the obvious presentation of the image.