Bachelor of Design


Graduates of the Photography major will be visually literate, culturally aware critical thinkers and creative problem solvers adept at using photographic methods and techniques for advertising, artistic and editorial purposes.

Popular Courses

  • PHTG 217 Lighting 1
  • PHTG 231 Design Fundamentals I
  • PHTG 316 Applied Photography I: Portrait and Organic Form
  • PHTG 418 Photographic Illustration: Photoshop
  • PHTG 426 Capstone Studio

Careers Include:

  • Photo journalist
  • Photo illustrator
  • Fashion photographer
  • Editorial photographer
  • Fine art photographer

Studio Facilities

  • Photography students have dedicated, fully equipped lighting studios, a print lab facility, and critique spaces to produce and print their work 
  • Photography studios and Cyc Wall (seamless background), including introductory hot light studio and advanced strobe lights
  • Print lab facility with wide-format printers and soft proofing stations
  • Equipment loan program including light kits, medium format cameras
  • Student-run photo gallery


Full-time Faculty


Notable Alumni

Marc Rimmer

Justin Poulsen


"The Photography program at AUArts takes a hands-on approach to teaching students the technique, aesthetics and conceptualization skills needed to create a cohesive body of work that establishes our personal signature in every image. The courses are taught by working photographers. This gives us a real world perspective as they are guided in their investigations and development of in Art and Commercial practices." - Shuo Li, 3rd year Photography major
"The photography course at AUArts has been the launching pad for my photographic practice. The instructors have incredible insight and know just how to push each individual student to create their best work. AUArts offers so many opportunities that are just waiting for you to take advantage of and these have really progressed my practice. It’s a lot of work but completely worth it." - Katie Mountford, Photography major