Deans' Council

AUArts Deans’ Council serves as an advisory committee to the President and CEO, the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council and has the powers, duties and functions delegated to it.

Deans' Council Terms of Reference


  • Dr. Daniel Doz, Chair, President and CEO
  • Dr. Alex Link, Vice-Chair, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
  • Jamie Leong-Huxley, Vice President, Advancement
  • Scott Powell, Vice President Finance and Operations
  • Dr. Janis Goldie, Dean, Academic Programs 
  • Nicole Hamilton, Dean, Innovation, Learning and Development
  • Andrea Power, University Secretary
  • Wendy Harding, Executive Director, People and Culture
  • Susie Kennedy, Registrar
  • René Martin, Director, Learning and Instructional Services
  • Carissa Cameron Matthews, Director, Academic Resources
  • Naoko Masuda, Director, School of Communication Design
  • Heather Huston, Director, School of Visual Art
  • Kurtis Lesick, Director, School of Craft and Emerging Media
  • Dr. Ben Fullalove, Director, School of Critical and Creative Studies



  • Associate Dean, Research, International and Graduate Studies
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  • Dean of Students