Program requirements

While on Exchange & Study Abroad, students remain registered full-time students of AUArts and pay all applicable tuition and fees to AUArts as they would in any other year of their program. Students are also responsible for any supplementary fees assessed by the host institution (such as studio usage, internet fees), as well as accommodation, study visas (when required), travel, and other personal expenses. It is understood that the student will register in a program of full-time study at the host institution (15 credits or a minimum of 24 hours of instruction/studio activity per week) and will complete all requirements as set out by that institution. Students are required to pay tuition for 15 credits for the semester of study while studying abroad and there is the possibility that an AUArts student's academic progression may be delayed if they elect to enrol in fewer than 15 equivalent credits at the host institution, or if they do not achieve the minimum C grade standings in courses while on exchange, or if courses completed at the host institution do not align with some specific AUArts program requirements.

Upon AUArts’ receipt of an official transcript from the host institution confirming satisfactory (min. C grade or equivalent) completion of the program of study, AUArts agrees to apply transfer credits equivalencies toward approved required major studio courses, studio and/or liberal studies electives to a maximum of 15 credits per semester.

Within these 15 credits, the Student may receive specified liberal studies credit only where transcripts confirm the equivalent coursework was completed at the host institution. Liberal studies courses will be evaluated on a course by course basis upon completion of the Exchange & Study Abroad Program and upon submission of detailed course outlines and samples of written work completed.

Official transcripts must be submitted and approved within the first two weeks of the following semester at AUArts. Tuition must be paid to Alberta University of the Arts at least two weeks before the start of classes, as well as copies of all forms requested by the host institution submitted to the Student Academic Advisor.

Deadline for Submission

There is one annual application intake for all AUArts students who wish to participate in the Exchange & Study Abroad.

Applications must be submitted to by January 4 (or next business day). Please refer to How to Apply for application requirements.