Xahra Hafeez

Assistant Professor, Visual Communications

Xahra holds a Bachelor's degree in fine arts with majors in Printmaking form the National College of Arts Pakistan and a Masters degree in Design from the University for the Creative Arts London.

Xahra Hafeez

Xahra has previously held positions as Director Studies and Assistant Professor (Thesis Supervisor for Bachelors of Design students) at leading Universities. She has been teaching at post secondary level for 10 years now. Where she specializes in Design Thinking and Advance Design Communication and Design Innovation, her multidisciplinary background brings a unique perspective to the School of Communication Design.

Xahra’s research explores the concept of communication, sustainability and its possibilities through functional designs. In her research, furniture is to be seen as a subject of technical, functional and aesthetic research. The designs elevate the status of furniture and create maximum impact from minimum resources, whether space or materials. Which is why her study centers around sustainable communication design practices and emphasizes on strategies, processes and materials that value environmental responsibility. It is a commitment to redefining function of objects around us that extends beyond visuals and explores possibilities of viewing furniture as means of cultural expression and space making. This brings the investigation to two complementary lines of research that share a common aim of supporting the local and indigenous artisans and study of sustainable materials. Further the experimentation continues into form, shape and techniques juxtaposed with sustainable materials and crafts from her homeland.

Xahra is a firm believer of the transformative power of design as a catalyst of positive change in the world. Therefore, Xahra’s interest in supporting crafts and Artisan has led to developing an initiative in Canada by the name of Maple and Sia. This platform provisions Pakistani Artisans and their centuries old craft in fibre and textiles. She collaborates with artisans to create designs that aim to revitalize abandoned materials. She takes great pride in celebrating imperfections and honoring the character and history that accompanies them.