Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts



Ceramics majors enjoy a thorough immersion in the discipline – both theoretical and practical – and develop a diverse approach to making vessel, sculptural and experimental ceramics.

Students explore the role of function, sculptural approaches, emerging technologies, historical precedents, and contemporary practice within a comprehensive, studio-based program of study. You’ll develop an understanding of the materials through courses focused on particular methods of making. These include working on the wheel, using a variety of hand-building techniques, mold making and casting.

Ceramics Minor

The Ceramics Minor allows students to choose their methodological focus while providing them with an overview of the discipline, complemented by a focused and independently driven studio course (CRMC 320 or CRMC 323). Students will develop a comprehensive theoretical understanding of ceramics technology through its experimental and experiential study.  

Popular Courses

  • CRMC 215 Introduction to Ceramics Wheel Throwing
  • CRMC 323 Special Projects-Workshop
  • CRMC 410 Advanced Ceramics Studio

Careers Include:

  • Production artist
  • Arts administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Educator
  • Curator 

Studio facilities

Ceramics students have designated studio areas and guidance to pursue personal research and develop their practice.
•    Multiple kiln technologies (computerized electric kilns, gas kilns, an outdoor kiln pad with soda kiln, small wood kiln, and catenary kiln)
•    Full-colour ceramic decal printer
•    Plaster room and full clay mixing facility
•    Fully stocked glaze room
•    Extensive teaching collection comprised of decades of visiting artists’ work
•    Individual studio spaces for third and fourth-year students


Full-time Faculty


AUArts Ceramics alumni become studio practitioners, historians, curators, teachers, and arts administrators and more. Many enjoy international experiences through residencies and graduate studies around the world. Learn what some of our successful alumni are doing.

Notable Alumni

Jenn Demke-Lange

Cathy Terepocki

Robin Dupont

Jenna Turner

Sarah Pike

"At AUArts I've had the ability to learn from students and instructors and from the larger ceramics community at through visiting artists and conferences. The studio-based learning environment has created connections between my ceramic practices and other mediums, like printmaking, painting, and drawing." - Ella Valge-Saar, Ceramics major
"My favourite part about the AUArts Ceramics department is its incredible involvement in pushing students towards greater reaches. Energy and inspiration is present in everyone's work. Clay as a material is soft and malleable, and ceramics serves as a medium for preserving our spontaneity and ambitions with every tear jerked, sweat broken, and laugh shared." - Shaun Mallonga, 3rd year Ceramics major
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