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Find information on student loans and other forms of funding.

Loan Funding Timeline




Applications for the next academic year become available

Apply for Fall/Winter term government student aid


Student Aid applications will be confirmed by AUArts


Receive your student aid funds in your bank account for Fall term


Receive your student aid funds in your bank account for Winter term


Apply for Spring term government student aid (if you are attending spring classes)


Receive your student aid funds in your bank account for Spring term

Note: Student aid funds are deposited directly into your personal bank account, the money does not go directly to AUArts.

**You are responsible for paying your tuition and fees prior to the AUArts fee deadline each term even if you have not yet received your student aid funds**

Fee payment deadlines for each Term are posted in the Academic Calendar. AUArts does not offer fee payment deferrals or payment plans.


Resources for students applying to Government Student Aid

Government student aid has several unique features because it is designed specifically for students:

  • When you apply to government student aid you are applying for both loans (you will need to pay back) and grants (you will not have to pay back)
  • Loans are interest-free as long as you remain a full-time student and keep your provincial and/or federal student loans issuer apprised of this
    • Interest-free status information for full-time and part-time students as well as students with special circumstances (see video(external link))
  • Students who are not Alberta residents can apply for financial aid through their home province or territory

Info and tips on how to apply to Alberta Student Aid

**For more information, please call Alberta Student Aid Service Centre toll-free anywhere in North America at 1-855-606-2096 and choose Option #1**

Federal & Provincial Student Aid

By applying for Student Aid through your home province/territory you are applying to both provincial and federal student aid on the same application.

Watch this video to learn more about Federal and Provincial Student Aid

Student Aid Agreements - Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements (MSFAAs)

Student aid agreements are legal agreements between you and the loan provider. They are also called “Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements” (MSFAAs).

There are separate agreements for Alberta and Canada loans. Full-time students may have two student aid agreements if they have both an Alberta and a Canada loan. Part-time students can only get a Canada loan, so they’ll only have one agreement.

You must complete agreement(s) if:

  • this is your first-time getting student aid
  • you’ve had a two-year break or longer since last being in school, or
  • you have previous student aid from another province
  • For more info, check out: Loan Agreements(external link) 

Semester dates / Tuition & fees

When applying to Alberta Student Aid, tuition, fees and books & supplies associated with your program and year of study will automatically populate in your application once you have entered your program, major and year-of-study. To verify the information you are entering, please login to your AUArts webservice account.

If you are applying for Student Aid through another province or territory, you may access information on academic dates, tuition, fees and books & supplies here: Academic calendar | Alberta University of the Arts (

 Program / Major / Year of study

First Year Students: 

  • Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Major: First Year Studies
  • Year of Study: 1st Year of a 4 Year program

Students in 2nd – 4th year of study: 

  • Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts OR Bachelor of Design 
  • Major: The major you declared through the Registrar’s Office 
  • Year of Study: example: 2nd Year of a 4 Year program

**Important: Prior to completing your student loan application, please ensure you refer to your Student Profile on webService for this information (Program/Major/Year).  If the information you complete on your student loan application is not the same as your AUArts webService - Student Profile information, your student loan cannot be confirmed by AUArts and you may have to cancel your student loan application and re-apply online**

Minimum course load

Students must be registered in a minimum of 9 credit course load per semester (Fall and Winter) to be eligible to have their student loan confirmed. The Student Loan Office will be notified regarding students who drop below nine credits during the school year.

The minimum course load for students with a documented permanent disability is a minimum of six credits per semester (Fall and Winter) to be eligible to have their student loan confirmed.

Grant programs for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may be eligible to receive supplemental grant funding through Student Aid.

  • Grants can be issued to provide funds for supportive learning services, such as tutoring, academic strategy, note taking, supportive software and other goods and services
  • You will need to register with AUArts Accessibility Services – email
  • Then complete a separate form with Accessibility Services to submit with your Student Aid application.

Progressing through your studies

  • Students are eligible for student aid funding for the specified number of years in the program of study, plus one year. For example, AUArts undergraduate students are eligible for student loans for a maximum of five years.
  • Students with a documented permanent disability are exempt from the program length plus one year limit but are still subject to the lifetime loan limits.
  • Students who withdraw from two study periods after having received student aid funding will not be eligible for additional funding for 12 months. However, this withdrawal rule does not apply to students changing their status to part-time studies.           
  • Students who receive full-time student aid and then drop to part-time or withdrawal from studies are responsible for letting student aid know of their change in registration. AUArts will also notify student aid of a change in your registration. A change in registration can result in having to pay back some of your loan or grant and you will no longer be eligible to receive scheduled future payments that you had previously been eligible for.

Parent/guardian access to your information

Your parent(s)/guardian or a designated individual may want to assist with aspects of your student aid. You will need to grant them access - each province has their own form(s).

Alberta Student Aid respects your privacy by keeping in strict confidence all personal information pertaining to your financial aid and awards accounts. Student Aid will disclose your personal information or give someone else the authority to act on your behalf only after you have given written consent with one of two forms found here:

US students

US students may apply to receive a student loan from one private loan lender - Sallie Mae Student Loans (external link)

  • Students are advised to apply for this loan in June/July after registering for classes
  • Contact with the Student Awards and Financial Aid office is required prior to approving your loan as a Student Budget Worksheet will need to be completed
  • AUArts is not able to confirm any loans until 1 month prior to the start of classes
  • Please email
  • Dual Citizens: If students are dual citizens of Canada and the United Statesit is recommended as a first option that students investigate the Canada student loan program(external link) to financially support studying in Canada.
  • Federal Student Aid & VA programs: Alberta University of the Arts does not participate in the Title IV – US Federal Student Aid Program, which includes the US Direct Loan Program. This means AUArts is not an option on the FAFSA form, and students would not be eligible to receive funding through the US Direct Loan Program while attending this university. AUArts is also not a participating institution in the Veterans Affairs GI Grant program.

Bank loans

If you don’t qualify for a government student loan or are an international student, many banks offer personal student loans or student lines of credit. Unlike government student loans, these loans are based on general credit granting criteria.

Contact your bank for more information.


AUArts Financial Aid and Student Awards Office: