Policies and procedures

Like any community there are policies, rules and regulations to help ensure success.

Take some time to review the procedural information so there are no surprises during your time at AUArts. The Registrar's Office is available to assist students with questions or problems that arise concerning the interpretation of these regulations as well as other information and regulations contained in the Calendar.

100. Board of Governors

Policy Related Procedures

100.02.01 Code of Conduct Policy

100.02.01 Form A: Conflict of Interest Disclosure

100.02.01 Form B: Concurrent Employment Disclosure

100.02.01 Code of Conduct FAQs

100.03.01 Policy Development Policy


200. Finance

Policy Related Procedures

200.01.01 Procurement Policy Purchasing Procedure Contracting Procedure

200.02.01 Financial Management Policy Investment Procedure Endowment Management Procedure

200.03.01 Delegation of Signing Authority Policy

200.03.01 Appendix A Signing Authority Matrix

300. Academic Administration

Policy Related Procedures

Not yet available


400. Human Resources

Policy Related Procedures

400.03.01 Work Time and Overtime Policy


500. Executive Administration

Policy Related Procedures

500.02.01 Tuition Policy

500.02.01.01 Credit Tuition and Student Fees Procedure

500.03.01 Risk Management Policy


500.08.01 Public Interest Disclosure Policy

500.08.01.01 Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

500.09.01 Records Management Policy

500.09.01.01 Records Management Procedure

500.10.01 Copyright Policy


500.11.01 Health and Safety Policy


600. Computing + Technical Services

Policy Related Procedures

600.01.01 Acceptable Use Policy

600.01.01.01 User Access Procedure

700. Health, Safety and Environment

Policy Related Procedures

700.01.01 HSE Management Policy


700.02.01 Joint Work-Site Health and Safety Committee Policy


700.03.01 Substance Use Policy


700.04.01 Sexual Violence Policy

700.04.01 Sexual Violence Policy Appendix A Support Resources

700.04.01 Appendix B Critical Path for Reporting Sexual Violence

700.04.01 Sexual Violence Policy Appendix C Sexual Violence Report Form

800. Facilities

Policy Related Procedures

800.01.01 Non-Smoking Policy


800.02.01 Animals on Campus Policy 800.02.01 Animals on Campus
Application Form

900. Advancement

Policy Related Procedures

900.01.01 Gift Acceptance Policy

900.01.01.01 Gift Acceptance Procedure

900.02.01 900.02.01.01 Student Awards Procedure


900.03.01.01 Social Media Procedure


900.03.02.01 Website Procedure

1000. General Faculties Council

Policy Related Procedures


1000.01.01 No-Show Procedure

Policies and Procedures in Transition

Academic Affairs


Facilities Management


Health and Safety

Human Resources

Information Technologies


Board of Governors Policies