Bachelor of Fine Arts


Drawing is a dynamic and open program of research, critique, and intensive studio and post-studio exploration tailored to each student’s unique voice. You’ll explore various media and forms using interdisciplinary concepts and approaches, as you develop and express your personal creative identity and philosophy. 

Popular Courses

  • DRWG 211 Drawing Media and Techniques
  • DRWG 311 Intermediate Drawing: Studio
  • DRWG 315 Intermediate Drawing: Studio/Research
  • DRWG 321 Intermediate Drawing: Studio
  • DRWG 451 Senior Studio

 Careers Include:

  • Practising artist or illustrator
  • Tattoo-artist
  • Arts administrator
  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Curator

Studio facilities

  • Shared studio spaces in first and second-year classes
  • Individual studio spaces in the third and fourth year
  • Pop-up student gallery spaces


Notable Alumni