Faculty Critical and Creative Studies

Dr. Yoke-Sum Wong

Associate Professor, Liberal Studies

“Leap sideways. Keep the recognizable method or methods in reserve, in case of illness, misery, fatigue; go rambling again. Explore space, a flying insect, a stag at bay, a stroller always chased off his habitual path by guard dogs growling around familiar places……..Wander as free as a cloud, cast your gaze in every direction, improvise.”

Having taught in Canada and the UK, I recently left my permanent position at Lancaster University (UK) after 12 years to return to Canada. I have an interdisciplinary background in the social sciences and humanities, with a specialization in historiography, social & cultural theory, and art & architecture - though my interests go where curiosity takes me.


PhD. Dept. of Sociology, University of Alberta, Canada

M.Ed. Dept. of Educational Policy Studies (International/Intercultural Education), University of Alberta, Canada

BA in English (Minor - Political Science), University of Alberta, Canada

Selected Professional Activity

The Ex-Situ/Structures of Feelings Workshops - These workshops involve theoreticians and practitioners (artists, architects, designers, academics, students, etc), and are usually organized with a member of the host institution. 

Co-Curator with Aristide Antonas (Freie Universität Berlin) & Dr. Adam Kaasa (Royal College of Art),  Structures of Feelings: A Structure of Revenge 4-8th June, 2016. The Onassis Foundation, Athens, Greece. Sponsored by The Onassis Foundation and Theatrum Mundi.

Co-Organizer with Dr. Endre Danyi (Goethe University) Crisis and Representation March 11th, 2016. School of Social Sciences, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.

Co-organizer with Dr. Adam Kaasa (School of Architecture, Royal College of Art) Structures of Feelings May 15th, 2015. Royal College of Art, London, UK.

Co-Organizer with Craig Campbell (UT Austin) Ex-Situ: A Workshop and a Journey (Theorizing Site-Specificity) April 9th & 12th, 2014. Austin, Tx and Marfa, Tx. This workshop is twofold – and encompasses a road trip workshop where the participants write the journey from Austin to Marfa.

Selected Publications

Selected Recent Writings

Co-Author, “Introduction: Thinking Feeling” in Karen Engle & Yoke-Sum Wong (eds) Feelings of Structures, McGill Queens University Press, (forthcoming 2018)

“The Future is Hybrid: Isamu Noguchi and the Mid-Century Modern” in Karen Engle & Yoke-Sum Wong (eds) Feelings of Structures, McGill Queens University Press, (forthcoming 2018)

“Caterpillar Dreams: A Multispecies Fabulation” Nrivijnana Patrika, Vol 22, Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, (July 2017)

“Edith doesn’t Live Here Anymore: A Story of Farnsworth House” in Dariusz Gafijcuk and Derek Sayer (eds) The Inhabited Ruins of Central Europe: Space, History and Memory  Palgrave, 2013 

 “A Presence of a Constant End: Contemporary Art and Popular Culture in Japan” in Joshua Nichols and Amy Swiffen (eds) The Ends of History: Questioning the Stakes of Historical Reason Routledge, 2012

"Modernism's Love Child: The Story of Happy Architectures" in Devalued Currency: Elegiac Symposium on Paradigm Shifts Part 1 Vol. 14, NO. 3 Common Knowledge (Summer 2008), 445 – 471.

"When there are no Pagodas on Pagoda Street: Navigating 19th Century Urban Singapore" Vol. 38 special issue of Environment and Planning A. (2006), 325-340.

Edited Collection

Karen Engle & Yoke-Sum Wong (eds) Feelings of Structures, McGill Queens University Press, (forthcoming 2018)

Managing Editor 

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