Careers for AUArts grads

Is it possible to follow your dreams and make a living? Absolutely. 

AUArts’ academic programs not only develop your creative abilities, but also enhance your critical thinking skills and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Through our internships, practicums, and coaching opportunities, you’ll gain real-world experience and business acumen throughout your studies.

Learning to think critically and solve problems creatively makes AUArts graduates extremely versatile. A large number – about 30% – of our graduates become entrepreneurs, either as self-employed individuals, by starting successful companies in advertising, graphic design, film and television, fabrication companies, or by opening their own boutiques and galleries. 

Whichever paths they chose, our graduates become important contributors both to contemporary art and the Canadian economy. 

Did you know? 

  • Creative industries contribute $57.1 billion to the Canadian economy each year 

  • In Alberta, the arts create 22 jobs for every million dollars spent. For comparison, oil and gas extraction creates just 5 jobs per million invested. 

  • AUArts plays an important part in diversifying Alberta’s economy and has a significant role in growing creative industries in Alberta and Canada. 

See how AUArts can help you build your career