Visual Communication Design

Bachelor of Design


Visual Communication Design

This program offers two streams of study that are grounded in industry-relevant drawing and visualization skills. 

Advertising and Graphic Design

Students in Advertising and Graphic Design learn to understand and engage audiences, research and form creative strategies and craft powerful, influential messages. 

Character Design and Illustration

Students in Character Design and Illustration depict real and imagined worlds and people through visual storytelling to inform and entertain, learning to develop characters, content, concept art, and compelling narratives along the way. 

Careers Include:

  • Creative or marketing director
  • Advertising designer
  • Brand manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Information designer
  • Editorial illustrator
  • Graphic novel or children’s book illustrator
  • Game designer
  • Concept artist


Animation Minor

The Animation Minor focuses on facilitating the development of original creators in the conceptualization and creation of digital and analog forms of expression in graphically created motion art works, be it an animated short, transmedia exploration, spreadable media, narrative sequential art, gallery installation, or one of the many other applications of motion art.

Illustration Minor

The Illustration Minor focuses on critical thinking, concept development, narrative, and visual communication processes.

Popular Courses

  • ANIM 300 Motion Graphics II
  • ANIM 320 Storytelling
  • VSCA 211 Concepts I
  • VSCA 319 Advertising I
  • VSCA 331 Time-Based Advertising
  • VSCA 422 Advanced Advertising II/Moving Pictures
  • VSCD 329 Brand Design I
  • VSCD 410 Advanced Information Design
  • VSCD 411 Advanced Graphic Design I - Product Identity and Packaging
  • VSCD 420 Advanced Graphic Design II - Editorial Design
  • VSCD 421 Advanced Graphic Design III - Branding
  • VSCH 417 Figure Illustration IV: Portfolio
  • VSCH 427 Advanced Character Design I: Child's Book
  • VSCH 429 Advanced Character Design III: Gaming
  • VSCI 317 Storytelling + Environments I
  • VSCI 329 Information Illustration I
  • VSCI 426 Advanced Illustration IV - Classic Books
  • VSCM 212 Communications Design I
  • VSCM 213 Anatomy for Illustrators
  • VSCM 220 Illustration Fundamentals I
  • VSCM 225 Design Technology I
  • VSCM 314 Figure Illustration II
  • VSCM 318 Digital Experience Design
  • VSCM 324 Figure Illustration III
  • VSCT 226 Motion Graphics I

Studio Facilities

  • Spacious classrooms with wireless internet access and colour-balanced lighting
  • Ergonomic seating, ample layout and workspace, and industrial sinks
  • Integrated colour projectors
  • Actively ventilated spray booths 
  • Campus print facility


Notable Alumni

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