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Applications Closed!

Learn more about what’s involved, the schedule, and activities over the month.


As a Pre-College student, you will join a talented community of practicing artists and designers who are eager to explore ideas, challenge ideas, and experiment. All classes are taught by AUArts faculty who are passionate about education and helping you grow as an artist. Studio assignments, research projects, and critiques will increase your abilities to observe, conceptualize, and create. You will use a variety of media and build a portfolio of finished work that you can use for post-secondary admission and bursary applications.

This program provides students with a thorough understanding of introductory art and design study at the post-secondary level and will prepare students for further education in a college or university environment. In addition to their studio-based academic work, students will also participate in supplemental Figure Drawing sessions, Recruitment & Admissions presentations, Portfolio Reviews, to support and enhance their portfolio package they are building throughout the program.

In just four weeks of full-time studies, you will be amazed by how far you can go.


Each week, you will receive 20 hours of instructional studio time, supported by independent studio hours after class. Students will study both fine arts and design with a focus on drawing.

Pre-College students are expected to attend all classes and studio hours Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Homework may be necessary during evenings and/or weekends. But, it’s not really homework if you love it, right?

Students work closely with award-winning practicing professionals who bring years of artistic practice, industry experience, and innovative teaching to the classroom.

Topics include: 

Design Fundamentals

Colour Fundamentals 

Fine Arts Drawing 

Mixed Media Exploration

Each Friday the Pre-College program will host extra-curricular activities designed to broaden your horizons and have fun. Participation is required.

Events include:

Field trips to a professional design firm, artist run center & commercial gallery

Admissions presentations & preparation

Figure drawing classes

Group exhibition and ceremony

Program Goals include:

  • Recognize and investigate relationships between fine arts and design.

  • Experiment with a number of drawing processes and subject matter.

  • Be able to recognize and apply basic elements of design in a variety of forms.

  • Understand the importance of professional presentation.

  • Develop a critical vocabulary to discuss your own work and the work of others.

  • Develop skills in descriptive and interpretive methods necessary to the analysis of visual imagery.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking about the relationship of form, materials and content.

When it’s all over, we celebrate! The final Friday of the program will conclude with a group exhibition of participants’ works and an online ceremony.