Informal access to information process

Routine Disclosure: Is a routine response by a public body to a request for information by any person, where access to the information can be easily granted without the need to refer to any exceptions or allowances to disclose under the FOIP Act, therefore, no formal FOIP process is required to release the information. 

When you are looking for information from the University, try to identify and contact the AUArts Department, Faculty, or Operational Area that may have the information that you are seeking. An AUArts employee will determine if the information can be routinely disclosed to you without using the formal access-to-information process through the University Secretariat.

Information may be Routinely Disclosed, for example, in the following circumstances: 

  • Information being requested that actually belongs to the applicant [ID required]. 
  • Information that is general in nature: a public report. 
  • Information that contains no personal information: a statistic. 
  • Information that is already in the public: a newspaper or in a public report. 

(Note: Under section 29 a public body can choose to not disclose a record if it is already public or will be made public within 60 days)