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Master the art of storytelling through animation, conveying personality, emotions, and behavior using diverse conceptual, aesthetic, and professional techniques. Follow the journey from beginner to pro-animator, while you craft intricate scenes through movement and emotion.

Define your style while you focus on storytelling, character design, and visual art through projects and assessments that will provide you with a professional portfolio and demo reel.

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Online Courses

Animation Foundations

Course Name



Introduction to Drawing


$650 + GST

Learn foundational elements of drawing, basic drawing techniques, best composition practices, and how to accurately draw the human form. You will also explore and practice a range of approaches using various media. In addition to video lessons from an expert covering a range of topics, you will be able to communicate with your instructor and your colleagues on a discussion board and in optional live sessions. You will receive feedback on your work from an experienced practitioner as you deepen your knowledge and improve your composition skills.

Digital Lab for Animators


$650 + GST

Get introduced to the software packages used most often when creating digital animations: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and Toon Boom Harmony. You will explore the differences between traditional, hand-drawn animation, and digital animation. You will learn how to use each program on its own and in conjunction with each other as you practice using essential tools and identify their strengths and weaknesses. You will also create projects to demonstrate your mastery of basic skills and your work will be evaluated based on your technical understanding of each program.

Fundamentals in Animation


$650 + GST

Learn and apply fundamental principles of animation. Learn how to communicate personality, emotions, and behaviour through several short-animated motion assignments, while also exploring various conceptual, aesthetic, and technical approaches to the discipline. You have the option of working in or out of the digital realm; however, all project post-production will be created using digital software. You will create projects to demonstrate your mastery of foundational animation skills and your work will be evaluated based on your understanding of fundamental principles.

Character Illustration & Design

Course Name


Drawing for Animators

Coming Soon

The process of developing animation is just as important as the final product. You will use drawing as a tool of communication as you explore the medium with an emphasis on obtaining visual understanding of mass, gesture, the human figure, weight, and balance. Work through appropriate conceptual, aesthetic, and a technical approach for your individual projects.

Intermediate Animation

Coming Soon

Concentrate on hand-drawn 2D character animation as you gain a solid understanding of the construction and mechanics of the human form and how to effectively depict movement, through figure drawing and motion studies. Pay special attention to character development and how to communicate story points and emotion using animation principles and technical basics. Develop your visual language and technical knowledge, including soundtrack design while creating a short project.

Storyboards for Animators

Coming Soon

Translate your idea or script into moving visuals through storyboarding. You will consider frame composition, camera moves and angles, character blocking, and layout drawings. Discover the full potential of storyboarding through completion of an animatic to evaluate the flow of your narrative and sound design. Projects are student directed, you will work on an original idea or adapt an existing source.


Course Name


After Effects


Learn the fundamentals of After Effects and how to create simple animation techniques using the software. You will be introduced to the basic interface, and gain an understanding of how to create compositions, import assets, in addition to learning compositing and colour grading principles. You will also learn basic motion graphics techniques by animating shapes and text, and how to create movement and keyframes alongside an audio track.


Coming Soon

Get introduced to the 3D software, Maya, learn basic functions and how to use them to create animations. Master the basic tools for navigating the software, as you gain a solid understanding of introductory modeling, rigging, lighting, and key frame animation. You will work on several small projects to learn how the interface works, while applying the principles of animation as you grow your creative understanding and output of 3D animation.

Professional Practices

Course Name


Enterprise & Studio Practices for Animators

Coming Soon

You will examine professional issues and responsibilities you may face in your animation practice, including creating a curriculum vitae and portfolio, grant writing and project budgeting, and pitch packages. You will also discuss festival submissions, contracts, and concerns associated with starting an artistic practice in animation. Project selection and component deadlines are mostly student directed.

Capstone Project

Coming Soon 

Work on a career focused project suitable for professional presentation under the guidance of your instructor. You will determine the focus of your project, and in consultation with you instructor, establish a schedule for individual meetings and deliverables to stay on track and produce a strong portfolio worthy project.

Career Pathways

AUArts' Animation courses will prepare you to explore many roles in the creative technology industry, including animator, animation director, animation producer, character design, and animation production design.

Program Goals

  • Comprehension of artistic and technical animation principles and standards of practice. 
  • Understand cinema vocabulary as it relates to a visual narrative for effective visual storytelling 
  • Personal creative content development for animation and motion graphics. 
  • Understanding of 2D and 3D software applications. 
  • Professional development and industry awareness. 
  • Completion of a capstone project of either a professional-level portfolio/demo reel or a short animation project.

More Information

  • This program includes the completion of 10 self-paced Micro-Credential courses and a Capstone project.

Learn more about Micro-credentials.

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Technology Requirements

Computer System (minimum specs)

Storage - 1TB and up

Ram - 16GB and up

Processor - Latest generation, i5 and up

PC Users

The latest gaming or "VR Ready" laptops would work best, especially on a budget and maximize the specs given.

MAC Users

Strongly recommend a MacBook Pro

Additional Equipment

Wacom tablet (any size) 

1TB External hard drive 

3 button mouse

Completion Requirements

To earn AUArts' Animation Certificate you must successfully complete all 10 courses listed above.

Students have a maximum of five years to complete the program. 

Upon completion, students will receive a non-credit Certificate in Animation administered by Alberta University of the Arts School of Continuing Education and Professional Development.