How to pay your tuition and fees

You may pay your undergraduate or graduate tuition and general fees through on-line banking, or by using MasterCard or Visa through AUArts webService (service fees apply), or by mail.

NEW STUDENTS: How to pay your Confirmation Fee as a new student 

Cheques, Bank Drafts and Money Orders should be mailed as directed under “Payment by mail” below

How to pay your Tuition and General fees

A) Payment by mail:

Mail your cheque, bank draft or money order to AUArts’s Cashier Office:

Cashier's Office
Alberta University of the Arts
1407 - 14 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 4R3

(Please note that during the COVID-19 shutdown, the Cashier Office is not open, but mail is being re-directed appropriately).

B) Two different methods online

1) Online Banking

Add "Alberta University of the Arts” as a payee on your online bill payment profile with any of the following Canadian financial institutions:

Creating your account number

Your account number for online banking is your nine-digit AUArts student number (this includes any initial zeroes) and followed by the first five characters of your last name. Name characters are not case-sensitive.

Example: 000056789JONES or 987654321Smith
If your last name contains spaces, a hyphen, period or other punctuation in the first five characters of your last name, omit these characters.
• Names with spaces: If your last name is van Gogh, omit the space and use “VANGO” as your five characters
• Names with hyphens: May-Ross = MAYRO
• Names with other punctuation: St. Louis = STLOU
• Names with less than five characters: If your entire last name, omitting punctuation, is less than five characters long, just use the characters you have. e.g., if your last name is Hall, use 000056789HALL

Making your payment

When making a payment, enter the amount owing on your student account by completing the transaction according to your financial institution's online banking instructions. You can look up your balance through AUArts webService

If you encounter difficulties using AUArts webService, contact the Registrar’s Office at 403.284-7634.

Be aware that it can take three-to-five business days for funds to transfer to the university and show as posted in your online student account.

However, AUArts recognizes the day you initiate the payment at your bank, so payments initiated on or before the Term fee deadline will not be subject to late payment penalty.

Payments initiated after the Term fee deadline may be subject to late payment penalty.

2) Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa) via AUArts webService

(NOTE: Credit Card payment for tuition fees is not an option for paying in-person) 

Logon to the Student Account Center and follow the steps. You can also authorize someone else to pay your fees, with their Credit Card, from the Student account Centre.

NOTE: If paying by Credit Card you will be charged a non-refundable service charge (minimum $3.00).

Payment by Aeroplan®  Miles 

AUArts is part of the Higher Ed Points program, which allows you to convert Aeroplan® Miles into funds for paying your tuition and fees. You can also use the Aeroplan® Miles of family or funds – anyone can transfer their points to you. Set up your Higher Ed Points.