Media Arts explores strategies, devices and technologies that carry, change, and effect messages, narratives, images, sounds, and experiences. We focus on interactivity (how artists create a dialogue between art and audience), and on time-based art (the expressive use of technology). Media Arts students learn how to use sensors, circuits, mechanical devices as well as video, film, sound, performance art, and multimedia to express themselves.



Studio facilities

Studio access hours

The Media Arts studio facilities are set up as a research and creative production environment, promoting both a vibrancy and variety of critical thinking and making.

  • The Closet Gallery -  installation and projection space with three-wall projection
  • The Render Room -  large gallery/screening room with 5.1 audio and a dual-projector panoramic projection wall
  • The Space In Between - small multipurpose space for installations, seminars, screenings and production, 5.1 audio, single wall projector and edit suite
  • The Cage - production and installation space
  • Media production studios including one large studio with green screen, tracking dolly, jib, lighting kits, 5.1 audio, projection screen, and one smaller studio with edit suites and 5.1 audio recording studio
  • Electronics lab with soldering stations, lathe, sensor and circuit production materials, and dedicated computers for arduino programming
  • Two computer labs with fully equipped mac and pc production computers
  • Production workshop space
  • Individual studio spaces for senior students

Access Hours


Access to all ceramics studios except Room 123 (clay mixing room)

  • Seven days per week | 7 a.m. until 1 a.m.

Access to Room 123 (clay mixing room)

  • Mon - Fri | 8:30 - 4:30


Media Arts faculty at AUArts are internationally active, practicing artists and content developers engaged with research in culture, design, science, language, technology, and both fine and applied arts.

Permanent faculty

Bryan Cera

Kurtis Lesick

Rita McKeough

Kevin Kurytnik

Sessional instructors

Carl Spencer

Davide Veronesi

Educational Art Technician

Peter Redecopp


AUArts Media Arts + Digital Technologies alumni have gone on to successful careers as independent artists, curators, graduate students, video producers, new media designers, visualization artists, interactive artists, senior app designers, production artists, IT/audio visual specialists, multimedia artists, senior photographers, UX designers and more.

Media Arts program details

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