30 Mar 2024 - 1 May 2024

artsPlace Canmore

Opening reception: April 4 at 5:30 p.m. 

Another Life

Another Life examines the challenges women face in the construction trades, reflecting the Artist's life experience.

For Elise Lavallee Findlay (BFA ’23, Drawing), creating the sculptures is a process of transformation. If you pull one thread from a canvas and then another and another, the canvas can break down, leaving it fragile, transparent, and not what it once was. For the artist, pulling apart a canvas thread by thread, in an act of slow and subtle violence, became a meditative reflection on how the small things can add up. This series displays how something, once pulled apart, can be made into something new with its own strengths and purpose. 

In this exhibition, the sculptures, which started as simple representations of past trauma, become art objects, whole and complete in and of themselves. They echo the transformation within ourselves when we work towards healing and becoming something new.