6 Apr 2024 - 2 Jun 2024

Leighton Art Centre

Reception: April 13, from 1 to 4 p.m. 

Kewanee Street

Malcolm Mooney & Doyle Lane, curated by u's

This exhibition explores the affinities and connections between the hilltop artistic communities of Kewanee Street and Leighton Art Centre. It is a two-person show featuring Malcolm Mooney (Continuing Education Instructor) and Doyle Lane, who were neighbours in the ’70s. Both lived on Kewanee Street, on top of a large hill in El Sereno, which overlooks sprawling views of Los Angeles. The street housed several artists who enjoyed a secluded, natural refuge to produce their work away from the hectic city.

Join the Exhibition Reception for Kewanee Street and Morgan Melenka: Nonsuch on April 13, between 1 and p.m.