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5 Apr 2024 - 13 Apr 2024


Thursday April 4, 2024
5 – 7PM


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Illingworth Kerr Gallery

MFA in Craft Media Thesis Exhibition 2024

The MFA in Craft Media facilitates the exploration of ceramics, fibre, glass or jewellery and metals through autonomous practice-led research, in an intensive 20-month program. Mentored by internationally acclaimed artists and scholars, students produce a body of work and research that expands the field of contemporary craft.

Gary Eitzen – Alternating Anxieties

Alternating Anxieties is a thesis exhibition that delves into the intricate relationship between risk, anxiety, and decision-making. By immersing participants in a carefully crafted environment, it offers a unique opportunity to experience and explore the emotional consequences of choices, looking to answer my thesis question about, how do varying levels of risk influence anxiety and alter choices?   

The choices individuals can make within the exhibition are deeply influenced by their own anxiety levels, informed by their personal risk tolerance. By confronting participants with these decisions in a controlled yet immersive environment, Alternating Anxieties provides insight into the complex interplay between risk, anxiety, and decision-making. 

Overall, Alternating Anxieties offers a compelling exploration of human behavior and psychology, challenging participants to confront their fears, navigate uncertainty, and ultimately reflect on the intricate dynamics of choice and consequence. 

Images courtesy of TaLeesha Mahe.