9 Mar 2024 - 15 Jun 2024

Alberta Craft Feature Gallery

10186-106 Street in Edmonton


Minutiae is a fascinating display of miniature artworks created by 54 artists across Canada.

These tiny works are meant to be observed up close and personal, exploring the intricate details and thoughtfully crafted designs. The exhibition includes diverse works, such as aspic salad brooches, miniature pottery studios, and silver candlesticks designed for birthday candles. Each piece showcases the artist's attention to detail and ability to create in the smallest forms. What does minutiae mean to you? Come and explore this unique exhibition and discover the magnitude in the minutest of details. 

Participating artists: Amber Weasel-Head, Amy Bouchard (BFA ‘15, Ceramics), Anna Burger-Martindale (BFA ‘14, Jewellery and Metals), Barb Temple (former student), Bonnie Hei Lai, Caitlin Burell, Clare Hildebrandt, Crys Harse (BFA '94, Jewellery and Metals and BFA '97, Ceramics), Darcy Hoover, Deanne Underwood, Erin Stinson, Glenda Rowley, Glenda Schoepp-Drake, Heather Kehoe, Heather Edwards, Julia Vysokova, Jenna Gal, Jennifer Illanes, Jessy Dion, Jill Nuckles (BFA ‘99, Sculpture), Joyce Brown, Julya Hajnoczy (BDes ’13, Photography), Kimberly Jones, Kipling West, Lance Cardinal, Lara Felsing, Laura O'Connor (BDes '07, Photography), Leslie Pierson, Leslie Delanty, Liv Pedersen (Dip '78, Painting), Lori Lofgren, Louise Brud (BFA '05, Ceramics), Mary Sanche, Maya Davis, Melissa Pedersen (BFA ‘09, Jewellery and Metals), Melony Stieben (BFA '15, Glass), Melanie Archer (BFA ‘14, Jewellery and Metals), Micah Adams, Milt Fischbein (former student), Mireille Perron (Professor Emeritus 2018), Monica Ila, Murray Heidt, Natali Rodrigues (Associate Professor, Glass), Susanah Windrum, Phillip Bandura (MFA ‘23, Glass), Priscilla Liu-Tcheng, Sara Young (BFA '17, Fibre), Shona Rae (BFA ’00, Jewellery and Metals), Stacy Burnett, Stephanie Elderfield (BFA ‘14, Jewellery and Metals), Steve Blanes, Tara Owen (BFA '97, Jewellery and Metals and Dip ‘96), Teresa Johnston, Terri Del signore, Wei Cheng.