3 Feb 2022 - 23 Oct 2022

Museum London

Stretch | Evan Penny

"Stretch" is an exhibition by Evan Penny anchored by sculptures raising questions about perception in the digital age.

AUArts Alum Evan Penny, Dip '75, Sculpture is renowned for creating hyper-realist sculptures formed, forged, and filtered through digital photography. At first glance, “Camille” is conventionally representational. The bust’s perfection seems rooted in honest realism. The subject is Penny’s friend, the influential Jamaican-born Canadian media and performance artist Camille Turner. Yet, the abrupt, almost photographic, cropping of the figure, the object’s spatial ambiguity, coupled with the work’s uncanny life-sized scale, lends Camille a destabilizing presence.

"Stretch" is an exhibition in the Museum London, London, Ontario available for in person viewing.