Call for Quotation, Especially From AUArts Alumni/Firms With Alumni

We invite you to submit quotes for project- and hourly-based consulting with Alberta University of the Arts’ Advancement team for its upcoming fiscal year, July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. The deadline to provide quotes is immediate, but we will accept quotes anytime. We will select individuals/firms starting June 12.

We need a core team to help us fully realize our market position. We are seeking nimble partners who come to understand and inspire our university’s brand and reputation.

We select talent based on needs, qualifications, and credentials. As much as possible, Alberta University of the Arts wants to hire its qualified alumni and firms who employ alumni.

As we approach our centennial year in 2026, our needs include not only ongoing university needs but also centennial-specific efforts, such as fundraising and special initiatives.

We are looking for people/firms that bring a holistic approach to marketing and communication across all forms of media (for example, print, digital, video, animation, photography) with the proven ability to recommend the most effective usage and placement depending on various situations. Fundraising is an increasing need, and people with direct experience supporting the fund development function with marketing, communication, events and general strategy are appreciated. People/firms with expertise in any of the following areas are encouraged to submit quotes:

  • Illustration/animation to create digital assets (**a particularly high need**)
  • Graphic design
  • Graphic art production
  • Creative direction
  • Social media strategy and fulfillment
  • Creative writing
  • Advertising planning, including media placement
  • Digital advertising and marketing
  • SEO
  • Visual photography/videography
  • Project management, coordination and administration

From now to June 30, 2025, we may have a number of projects. This is not a comprehensive list, but the projects could include:

  • Advertising campaigns

For various institutional needs, we may need creative direction, graphic design, illustration, animation, writing and art production to develop assets for recruitment campaigns and general advertising needs across all media. We also need people/firms to plan and place media on our behalf.

  • Digital marketing

To support ongoing and upcoming campaigns, we are seeking partners who can plan and manage digital and social advertising campaigns and manage Google Ads and SEO strategies in an evolving search landscape.

  • Brand 

To support ongoing brand awareness needs, we seek partners to design and produce creative assets in all media for outputs such as video, animation, websites, digital forms, posters, postcards, handouts, templates and presentations.

  • Videography

Collaborations with AUArts on various video projects, including alumni profiles, event documentation and advertising campaigns.

  • Creative writing

Developing content for all media, including promotional and fundraising campaigns.

  • Project management, coordination and/or administration

To support increasing fundraising and centennial planning projects, we are seeking partners to lead and coordinate projects, including organizing talent, partnerships, product and service buys, and general administrative tasks.

Please include the following in your quote submission:

  • Your specialization and credentials, including any AUArts affiliation
  • Project(s) of interest
  • Your hourly/daily rate
  • Availability from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025
  • Maximum possible fees during this period (hourly rate x availability = $). NOTE: This does not mean you will be hired for the maximum, but it allows us to determine the potential to work with you.

We will select a number of individuals/firms including alumni and/or firms with alumni, based on skill and team complement. Work is on a consulting, project-based, and hourly basis only.

The deadline to provide quotes is immediate, but we will accept quotes at any time. We will select individuals/firms starting June 12.

If you have any questions, please be in touch. 

Please send quotes to:

Jamie Leong-Huxley MBA, FCPRS, APR, CAAP

Vice President, Advancement 

Phone: 403-389-2450