Academic accommodations FAQ

Who is eligible for academic accommodations?

AU Arts students who have been diagnosed with a permanent illness, injury or disability are eligible to receive academic accommodations provided they have an identified need and have supporting documentation. Accommodations are based on reasonable recommendations made by a medical professional as outlined in the student’s medical documentation.

How do I apply for academic accommodations?

The first step is to contact  Please see page “How to Register with Student Services”

Are there other services available through Student Services?

Student Services can also help you access tutoring, learning strategists and note-takers if required.

Is there a charge for academic accommodations?

There is no charge for our services.  However, there may be a charge involved with obtaining documentation, or accessing private tutoring or note-taking.  These charges may be supplemented or reimbursed by receiving grant funding through Alberta Student Aid.  We can help you work through the application process for grant funding.

Will my confidential information/documentation that I provide to Student Services remain private?

Student Services protects student information according to the guidelines established by the Freedom of Information and Protection (FOIP) Act. Any information/documentation provided to our office is held in confidence, and any disclosure of student disability to a third party cannot be made without the written consent of the student. If you wish to discontinue accessing our services at any point you can request for your documentation to be destroyed.

Why do I need to submit documentation?

Documentation assists Student Services to understand potential needs and barriers, and to assist in the tailoring of specific learner needs. Some common examples of accepted documentation are psychoeducational assessment report, doctor’s letter and the AU Arts Functional Assessment and Request for Accommodation Form.

Do I have to disclose the nature of my disability to my instructors?

Disclosure is not a requirement for receiving academic accommodations.  If you are unsure about the pros and cons of disclosure, please contact an academic advisor.

If I use academic accommodations, will this appear on my transcripts?

No, there will be no record on your transcript that you used accommodations, or that you were registered with Student Services.