Copyright FAQ

What if my proposed usage does not fall under Fair Dealing?

It may still be allowed under provisions of the Copyright Act, and the library can help you with further clarification. Otherwise, the library can try to seek out permissions to use the item. Please contact to book an appointment.

When I send a hyperlink to someone am I violating copyright?

No.  When you create a link to original content you are not making a copy.  

Remember: material on the internet is subject to copyright.  Fair Dealing and some internet exceptions apply, but be sure the internet source is, itself, a legitimate site, and any items distributed on it are done so legally, to the best of your knowledge.  Do not subvert technological protection measures or use material with an explicit prohibition against use for educational purposes.  Always credit the original source.

Can I use YouTube or Netflix in the class room?

Netflix is a commercial service provided for individual use.  Any use of Netflix must comply with the “Terms of Use” when you signed up for the service.  The desired film may be accessible through “Films on Demand” and therefore available through our AUArts licenses. If, however, you do want to use a Netflix item, contact us at and we will try to obtain permissions for you.

“YouTube” is a viable option provided the work is a legal copy, posted by consent of the copyright owner. You must identify the source of the work, if available the author, performer, maker or broadcaster of the work.

The Mashup Rule: “Non-Commercial User Generated Content” allows the incorporation of YouTube works for non-commercial purposes in the creation of new original works so long as the author is cited, the material used is itself non-infringing, and use does not have a substantial, adverse effect either morally or economically on the owner of such borrowed material.

Can I still use Coursepacks?

Yes. But. Coursepacks do NOT fall within Fair Dealing guidelines. Copyright holders must give permission in writing, for use, and/or be compensated. The library will do this for you; however, this must be done in advance of the coursepack being produced and circulated.

How does copyright affect materials on Closed Reserves?

Required and supplementary texts can still be placed on closed reserve; however, copies of items are still subject to copyright and fair dealing guidelines, and the library will check if they comply. 

Can I download a complete journal accessed through our licensed e-resources? 

Fair Dealing also applies to licensed materials. The one article per journal issue rule still applies; however, each of our licenses have their own terms that may allow you further access. Please contact the library for futher details.

Can I email full text articles to other people? 

Maybe. Many of AUArts' licensing agreements permit authorized users (students, faculty, staff) to access full-text articles through Library eResources. An authorized user can email articles to other authorized users only; however, we recommend you send links only so that the other user must authenticate to access the article.