Registering with Accessibility Services

Steps to register with Accessibility Services:

  1. Student logs on to Accommodate App under MyApps (Single Sign on) or click here to submit the Public Accommodation Form through the Accommodate App.
  2. Student uploads supporting documentation through Accommodate (Functional Assessment & Accommodation Request Form, Medical Letter, Psychological Assessment Report, or similar) that is current within 3 years. Students who are having difficulty obtaining supporting documentation should contact Accessibility Services for assistance. Please note that High School Individual Program Plans (IPP’s) are not sufficient.
  3. Meeting with Academic Accommodations Coordinator (booked through Accommodate).
  4. Contracts will be created with appropriate accommodations and sent to students and instructors through Accommodate.
  5. Student contacts instructors to discuss contracts and the specific accommodations details and how they are applicable to each course.
  6. Accommodations are put into place.
  7. Accommodations Contracts are signed electronically and kept on file in Accommodate with Accessibility Services.