Copyright and fair dealing guidelines


What is Copyright law? 

Copyright law protects a wide range of work as it is appears in all forms. The Government of Canada provides protection to creators of literary, artistic, dramatic or musical works and other subject matter such as performances, sound recordings and communication signals. Reproducing copyright protected work requires permission from the copyright holder; or, that a reproduction falls within one of the exceptions set out in the Copyright Act. 

The Copyright Act allows for exceptions for certain users, such as persons acting on behalf of educational institutions such as AUArts.  Known as “Fair-Dealing exemptions”, these exceptions provide a balance between creator’s legal rights and user access to copyrighted works. Most intellectual property, including material on the Web, is copyright protected. 

It is not required to affix a copyright symbol © to copyright protected works. The creator of intellectual property automatically assumes copyright once it is put in a fixed form. 

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