15 Oct 2021

10 – 12PM MST

Contingent Systems: Art and/as Algorithmic Critique is a bi-weekly panel series that explores critical intersections between creative practice and algorithmic culture. Each panel brings together interdisciplinary artists and scholars to examine in greater detail a theme aligned with the corresponding exhibition. Paper presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion period and Q&A.

All symposium panels will be hosted via Zoom. 

Contingent Systems: Machine Learning

Zoom link

The Oct. 15 panel, Machine Learning, includes the following speakers: 

ZZYW (Zhenzhen Qi & Yang Wang) | Computational Haze
Dr. Halcyon Lawrence | Unnaturally Speaking: Exploring Algorithmic Bias in Speech Technologies
Dr. Pip Thornton | Language in the Age of Algorithmic Reproduction: A Critique of Linguistic Capitalism

Organized by Crystal Chokshi & Dr. Mél Hogan (Environmental Media Lab, University of Calgary)