Formal access to information process

If it is determined that the information being requested contains exceptions to right-of-access or disclosure under the FOIP Act, you must submit your request, formally in writing, to the AUArts FOIP Coordinator.  

FOIP Collection Notice

Any personal information AUArts collects to process your FOIP request is collected under the authority of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act - Section 33(c). The information you provide will be used for the purposes of authenticating your identity, as required, and for responding to your access-to-information request in accordance with the provisions under the FOIP Act. Any questions regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of your personal information can be directed to the AUArts FOIP Coordinator at

Submission of your Request

In your Access Request Form, to the best of your ability:

  • Describe the information to which you seek access. 
  • Describe the date range of the information you require. 
  • Describe the Department/Faculty/Area/individual where the information resides. 
  • Provide sufficient detail in your request that the information can be identified in an efficient manner. 
  • Include your contact information: name, address, phone number, and e-mail. 
  • If you are requesting your own personal information, attach or provide photo identification. 
  • Requests for general information do not require photo identification. 

The AUArts University Secretariat Office will review your request and mail to you an Acknowledgement Letter that provides proof of receipt of your request by the University. 

The Acknowledgement Letter will also advise you of the time required to complete your request (usually within 30 calendar days) and/or include details on any additional fees that have been assessed in regard to your specific access-to-information request. 

The FOIP Coordinator may ask you to provide any other information or provide clarification of your request.

Fees and Final Response

According to section 93 of the Act, a public body can charge a fee for services provided. 

Although a request for your own Personal Information does not require an initial fee, charges apply if the cost of producing copies is more than $10. 

A request for General Information requires an initial fee of $25, however, additional fees may apply under the FOIP Regulation depending on the number of records required to fulfill your request. 

Upon receipt of required fees, the AUArts FOIP Coordinator will gather the requested information, analyze, and formally "sever" or "black-out" information in the records where exceptions to access or disclosure under the FOIP Act apply. 

If it has been determined that an entire record cannot be disclosed under the Act, the AUArts FOIP Coordinator will inform the applicant why the record was not disclosed. 

A formal letter will be sent to you by mail that details the exceptions that were applied to the records under the Act, which will be attached to the released information. 

Right to request a review
If you are not satisfied with the response concerning your inquiry by the AUArts FOIP Coordinator, you may contact the Alberta Privacy Commissioner to review any decision, act or failure to act by the University as it relates to your request as according to section 65(1) of the Act.

A request for a review by the Alberta Privacy Commissioner must be in writing and must occur within 60 days after the individual asking for the review is notified of Alberta University of the Art's decision as according to section 66(1) and 66(2)a(i) of the Act.