Policies and procedures

The AUArts Policy and Procedures website is the central repository that constitutes the official version of all University wide policies and procedures.

These policies and their related procedures have been created to advance the University’s mission, core values, pillars and strategic directions, promote operational efficiency and effectiveness, mitigate or manage institutional risk, comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements, set behavioral expectations across the University community, have broad application and impact throughout the University, and communicate roles and responsibilities. As such, members of the University community have an obligation to comply with University policy. 

The University Secretariat is responsible for the oversight and administration of the University's Policy Framework. Questions regarding the repository may be directed to the University Secretary at boardofgovernors@auarts.ca. Questions on specific policies should be directed to the responsible unit, as indicated on the policy or procedure.

The Registrar's Office is available to assist students with questions that arise concerning the interpretation of these policies or procedures as well as other information and regulations contained in the Calendar.

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Undergraduate Admission Requirements Procedure

This Procedure applies to all individuals who are applying for admission to Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) courses and programs.

Undergraduate Final Grade Appeal Procedure

This procedure allows for the appeal of a final grade by a student who can demonstrate grounds for the appeal. The student may not appeal individual items of work except in the context of an appeal of the final grade. Where a student has concerns about a grade for an individual item of work during the term, the...