2024 ShowOff! Artwork Saffire Caron-Ladines

Kayaking beaver

I have been kayaking since I was 11 years old. My mom put me and my friend in a summer camp that was supposed to be a youth kayaking course, but got switched to an adult course after not enough kids signed up. My friend ended up dropping out. Although I was alone, I still finished the course and had a great time while doing so. Ever since then, my summers (and winters in the pool) have been spent mostly at kayaking camps and competitions. I've competed in everything from friendly local races, to nationals or the Alberta summer games. I've won plenty of prizes and formed many cherished friendships. At the camps, I've made memories that I'll never forget; hanging out in someone's trailer eating cheese at 2 am, following my friends down big waves for the first time, or even getting chased by a kid with a hatchet. Like a beaver, I am industrious and persistent, and I really enjoy the water.