2024 ShowOff! Artwork Katelyn Schneider

Chest Pain

The hardest part of “getting better” has been the drastic decrease in motivation. My depression led me to have no desire to eat or take care of myself and as a result, a distinct pain in my chest, developed. I was previously acquainted with this pain, having two previous hospital admissions for my anorexia and depression. However, as I began to relapse, the guilt and traumatic experiences were brought with it. This piece focuses on the distinctive pain, emotions and memories I relate to my mental health. Specifically, the guilt and exhaustion that I feel I inflicted upon my family and friends that I cannot push down.
Depicting a large, crocheted heart inside of a clay bust, I wanted to create an emphasis on my heart and my experiences. The technique of crocheting was an important choice as crocheting became a comfort to get me through the hospital admissions and something that I can always turn back to. This piece serves as a recollection of what I have been through and a reminder of my strength physically and mentally.